A mud run to optimise the efficacy of your skin care routine.

Going back to nature can help you deal with one of the most annoying things that can happen to your skin. At least twice every month I have noticed that some woman whose complexion is normally smooth and clear have this problem where their skin turns freaky. The face randomly gets decked up with acne breakouts and leaves them looking half-baked. For the most woman who wants to avoid going to a dermatologist, going green using natural clays is the best alternative.

The magic of clay therapy 

Clays get their unique properties as a result of their interactions with micro-organisms of mud and water. Rich in minerals, clay has this remarkable ability to bind with all toxins. They are very effective to cleanse and detoxify our body. During ancient times clays were used in place of soap to clean the hands as they are great disinfectants, to wash the hair as they have nourishing properties, and also as remineralizers on the skin.

 Wellness takes colour

 White Clay  

Firms, Stimulates, Detoxifies

A great option for dry, dull, mature skin as it refines the complexion without irritating it to reveal softened, deep cleaned skin. This soft clay powder works overtime to draw out impurities from the skin, gently exfoliate and minimizes pores.

Green Clay

Sebum control & Clarifying.

Invigorating and powerfully cleansing, this clay powder works to energize the skin, absorb excess oils and soothes irritation. The complexion is left glowing and balanced. Ideal for excessively oily and acne prone skin. It doubles up as a powerful deep cleanser that helps to balance pH levels. 

Red Clay

 Skin brightening and radiance booster.

This clay is rich in Iron Oxide which aids cell renewal. Packed with beneficial minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, this clay can help revitalize the texture and brightness of the skin. Red clay is known to increase oxygenation and blood circulation of the skin.  


 Correct application & tips

  • Avoid using metal bowls to mix the clays as they can react with the metals. Use a wooden/glass bowl only.
  • Do not use lemon juice or vinegar as they will make your skin photosensitive. You can use floral water or a hydrosol instead of water.
  • Never let your mask dry fully. 
  • Don't miss the neck and decollete areas.
  • Your final rinse should be with cold water.
  • Apply a good skin hydrant/serum on damp skin.
  • Avoid heavy moisturisers.
  • Avoid the eye and lip area strictly. 

DIY Multi tasking - Multi Masking Clay Pack formulations

  • Quenching mineral mask- Clay powder + Aloe vera+ Jojoba oil
  • De-tan glow mask - Clay powder + Tamarind waterr+  frankincense essential oil
  • Pore Purifying clay mask - clay powder + green tea
  • Skin firming clay mask - Clay powder + Cooked rice starch water + 2 drops of lavender essential oil.

Use the base clay according to your skin type.

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