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Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Mist-A plant-based active ingredient | No added dyes

Rs. 595

A natural mosquito repellent with natural blend of essential repellent oils citronella, lemon eucalyptus and aloe vera. Safe for kids and pets.


  • Effective plant-based formula, contains no added fragrance or dyes
  • Feels good on the skin, not sticky or greasy and the mosquito repellent won't damage clothing.
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E: Softens skin while it repels
  •  The anti-mosquito spray is 100% Deet-Free and Non-Toxic.

Ingredients : Aqua(Water),  Hydrogenated castor oil, Potassium sorbate, Essential oil blend of citronella, Lemongrass, peppermint. 

How to Use : 

  • Spray directly on entire area of skin to be protected
  • Re-apply as needed

Cautions : Avoid spraying on the eyes.

Quantity: 200 Ml in Spray Bottle

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